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Raise you Sales

Αυξησε τις πωλησεις του καταστηματος σου

With thousands of visits per month and products and services exclusively for cars, Autopower Marketplace will help you increase your sales and profits or sell a single product you own.

Full Administration

Πινακας διαχειρησης

You have complete management of your products,your orders, shipments and payments of your store through a flexible admin management system.

Zero Risk

μηδενικο ρισκο επενδυσης

Forget pay-per-click payments and subscription payments. At you pay only a small percentage of your net sales without any other commitments.

Marketing / Seo


You no longer need to invest money in ads and in human resources after we fully take up the promotion of the Page in Search Engine and inform our customers with the Newsletter Campaigns.

Your personal Page

προσωπικη σελιδα καταστηματος

After registering your store at Marketplace, you will have your own personal page with exclusive products, information about your store, reviews, Banner, Social and other details.


Εξειδικευση στην αυτοκινηση Marketplace offers and will offer car services only. Customers know that they can find everything for automotive only without being confused with other categories.

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